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The reason I started this website was not only to raise awareness for migraines, but also help raise money to find a cure for them. For me, Migraines entered my life around the age of 12 years old, and have been a problem up until recently. It had completely thrown my life off track and really hurt me not only socially but also educationally. It had started off small, missing only 10-15 days of school in my 6th grade year. The next 2 years being closer to 20 missed days of school. My freshman year had been the worst of all. I had missed close to 50 days of school, which did not only hurt my education, but also hurt my social life. It had put an extreme amount of unnecessary stress onto my life, and would only make things harder. After tremendous amounts of different medicines and diet changes, I had finally found that the application of botox to the nerves in my head would almost completely suppress my migraines, only making them minor headaches. It had changed my life from being stuck in bed with all of the lights off for 3+ days at a time, to being an active and happy teenager. With the help of all of you, we could turn this massive problem to not only me, but the other 38 million people who suffer from migraines. So instead of just clicking out of this site, share it to a friend and help raise the awareness of this awful pain people have to endure.

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